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Hitleap With SHORTE.ST Strategy

Kamis, 31 Juli 2014

Hitleap With SHORTE.ST Strategy

Free Website Traffic

1-  Start Hitleap And Collect Minutes upto 300
2- Make blog on Blogger
3- Edit Html on blogger Searh <head> Then paste this code
<meta content='0;url= add your shorte ' http-equiv='refresh'/>
4- Short url any site link then add your link in code.Save this blog.
5- Submit your blog on hitleap use all slots.

Note: this trick work if you have upto 300 mints on hitleap and Only 1 hour start your url in 3 slots every day.if your url on start more then 3 hours in single day then your account in risk.
The best time to start is when change day.
You can use this method and earn 5$ daily without any risk
You can use Both Linkbucks and

Don't use your old account Make New Account for this trick
Free Website Traffic